In response to population growth and accompanying challenges in energy production, water security, and urban congestion, Australia has embarked on a new era of critical infrastructure delivery. Effective and safe infrastructure is fundamental to ensuring Australia’s economic success, high standard of living, community safety, and resilience to natural disasters and other adverse events.

In 2015, we established the University of Melbourne (UoM) Geological Hazard Analysis for Critical Infrastructure (GeoHACI) team for the purposes of:

(i) ensuring a strong role for UoM in the leadership and provision of world-leading geological hazard research to industry and government partners responsible for critical infrastructure development,

(ii) providing unique and inspiring opportunities for UoM students to engage with industry through applied research projects on critical infrastructure,

(iii) fostering a more cooperative culture with the geotechnical industry by generating meaningful, highly-productive collaborations linking UoM academics and students to industry partners and infrastructure decision-makers,

(iv) creating clear pathways for UoM undergraduate students to postgraduate research and subsequent industry employment through relationship building and curricula refocusing.

Since its inception, GeoHACI has become a trusted partner of several large international engineering and energy companies (GHD, SMEC, GeoGroup, Total Energy) and governments (SA Water, Victorian State Government) on some of the most significant critical domestic and international infrastructure projects of the emerging infrastructure era. Get in touch if you are interested in learning more about our services.



PROJECT 1: Increasing the evidence base for long-term water security planning in South Australia using seismic hazard analyses of aging dams and reservoirs

Industry partner: GHD (

Government partner: SA Water (


PROJECT 2: Ground surface fault rupture hazard analysis of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline in Tanzania

Industry partners:  GEOGROUP South Africa (; Total Energy (

Project details: EACOP (


PROJECT 3: Assessing seismic risk to planned Snowy 2.0 infrastructure

 Industry partner: SMEC (

Project funded by: Australian Commonwealth federal government