Graduated Post-graduate Students

(*principal supervisory role)

37. JAMES LA GRECA (MSc, 2022)*

Ground shaking and environmental effects from the 2021 Woods Point earthquake, Victoria, Australia

36. MUHAMMAD KHAERAN ALI (MSc Geoscience, 2022)*

Rupture segmentation on the Nullarbor Plain, south-central Australia

35. JESSIE VERMEER (PhD, 2022)*

Neotectonic Evolution of an Incipient Continental Plate Boundary Fault Intersection, Hope-Kelly Fault System, New Zealand

34. MATTHEW WOOD (PhD, 2022)

Arc segmentation and landscape evolution in the Bhutan Himalaya 

33. MEGAN WITHERS (PhD, Monash, 2022)

When plate boundaries misalign: Distributing deformation at the terminations of continental transform faults


Investigating geometry and timing of neotectonic faulting in intraplate geological settings using geologic and geospatial data

31. HIWA MOHAMMADI (PhD, 2021)*

Coulomb stress modelling of recent and paleo-earthquakes in Australia and New Zealand

30. HAIBIN YANG (PhD, 2021)

The structure, rheology, and rupture mechanics of seismogenic faulting in continental lithosphere

29. TAMARAH KING (PhD, 2020)*

Geologic expressions of faulting and earthquake strong ground motions in intraplate bedrock terrains (Funded by the ARC via a Discovery Grant)

28. KEVIN KUANG (MSc, 2018)*

Paleoseismology and Landscape Evolution of the Willunga Fault, Mount Lofty Ranges (Funded by the Australian Research Council, GHD and SA Water))

27. ANDREW WILSON (MSc, 2018)*

Plio-Quaternary Faulting and Neotectonic Behaviour of the Willunga Fault, Mt Lofty Ranges, South Australia (Funded by the Australian Research Council, GHD and SA Water)

26. JOSH BORELLA (PhD, 2017)*

Geologic and anthropogenic influences on rockfall and liquefaction in the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquakes and their prehistoric predecessors (Funded by the New Zealand Earthquake Commission)

25. SHARON HORNBLOW (PhD, 2016)*

Paleoseismicity and rupture characteristics of the Greendale Fault and formation of the Canterbury Plains (Sarah Beanland Scholarship Winner)

24. SARAH BASTIN (PhD, 2016)*

Liquefaction and paleo-liquefaction in Christchurch (Funded by the New Zealand Earthquake Commission)

23. NARGES KHAJAVI (PhD, 2016)*

Paleoseismology of the Hurunui segment of the Hope Fault, New Zealand (UC Doctoral Scholarship Winner)

22. DAVID JACOBSON (MSc, 2016)*

Paleoseismology of the Lake Heron Fault system, South Island, New Zealand (Funded by the New Zealand Earthquake Commission)

21. ELLYSE GORE (MSc, 2016)*

Paleoseismology of the Lees Valley system, South Island, New Zealand (Funded by the New Zealand Earthquake Commission)

20. KIERAN GRACE (MSc, 2015)

Meander loop migration and its effect on liquefaction susceptibility: Liquefaction along the Heathcote River during the 2010-12 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence (Funded by the New Zealand Earthquake Commission)

19. TIMOTHY STAHL (PhD, 2014)*

Earthquake history of the Fox Peak and Forest Creek Faults, New Zealand (UC Scholarship Winner)


Neotectonics and Geohazards of the Alpine Fault, New Zealand (NZIDRS Scholarship Winner)

17. PERI SASNETT (MSc, 2014)*

Analogue modelling of strike-slip surface ruptures: Implications for Greendale Fault mechanics and paleoseismology (Funded by a Fulbright Scholarship)

16. BRENDAN DUFFY (PhD, U Canterbury, 2013)*

The Structural and Geomorphic Development of Active Orogens, From Single Earthquake to Million Year Timescales, Timor Leste and New Zealand (UC and National Top Achiever Scholarship Winner; Research funded by the RSNZ Marsden Fund and New Zealand Earthquake Commission)

15. JONATHON CLARIDGE (MSc, U Canterbury, 2013)*

Patterns of crustal deformation resulting from the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence

14. CHRISTIAN RUEGG (MSc, U Canterbury, 2013)*

A Statistical Analysis of Lunisolar-Earthquake Connections

13. NICHOLAS CARSON (MSc, U Canterbury, 2013)

The geology and geomorphology of the Denton Hills, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica

12. SAM MCCOLL (PhD, U Canterbury, 2012)

Post-glacial slope failures and landscape evolution, South Island, New Zealand

11. ERIC BILDERBACK (PhD, U Canterbury, 2012)

Hillslope Response to Climate-Modulated River Incision and the Role of Deep-Seated Landslides in Post-Glacial Landscape Flux : Waiparoa sedimentary system, New Zealand

10. ANDREW KLAHN (MSc, U Canterbury, 2012)*

Site Characterisation of the Whataroa Valley for the Deep Alpine Fault Drilling Project Stage 2 (DFDP-2), West Coast, New Zealand

9. LOUISE MOODY (MSc, U Canterbury, 2012)*

Indonesian climate investigations using stable isotopic data from modern, Holocene and Pliocene corals (UC Scholarship Winner, Research funded by the RSNZ Marsden Fund)

8. ANDREA LOGAN (MSc, U Canterbury, 2011)

A new paleoclimate record for North Westland, New Zealand, with implications for the interpretation of Speleothem based Paleoclimate proxies (UC Scholarship Winner)

7. JANA MITTELSTAEDT (MSc, U Canterbury, 2011)*

Southward propagation of the Marlborough Fault system: fault linkage and blind faults in North Canterbury

6. DUNCAN NOBLE (MSc, U Canterbury, 2011)*

Tectonic geomorphology and paleoseismicity of the Northern Esk Fault, North Canterbury, New Zealand

5. DANIEL SHULTE (MSc, U Canterbury, 2010)

Kinematics of the Paparoa metamorphic core complex, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

4. SHARON HORNBLOW (BSc Hons, U Canterbury, 2010)

Climatic controls on the physical properties of the Ruataniwha Fault, Ostler Fault zone, New Zealand

3. JAMES FERGUSON (BSc Hons, U Melbourne, 2008)*

10Be cosmogenic nuclide dating: a quantitative measure of landscape evolution, Davenport Ranges, South Australia

2. MICHAEL GREEN (BSc Hons, U Melbourne, 2007)*

The structural and kinematics of the Concordia Fault: constraining the age of the Indo-Australian intraplate stress field

1. BEN REID (BSc Hons, U Melbourne, 2007)*

A neotectonic study of the Willunga and Milendella Faults, South Australia