1. Australian Research Council Discovery Grant DP170103350: Origins and distributions of intraplate earthquakes (2017-2020), Value: $345,000, Role: Principal Investigator
  2. Ministry of Science and Innovation Grant: Living in the colour-coded city: building and understanding community resilience (2012-2014), Value: $32,130, Role: Associate Investigator
  3. New Zealand Natural Hazards Research Platform: Precise Mapping of Near-Field Fault Deformation in NZ using LiDAR Technology (2010-2011), Value: $30,000, Role: Associate Investigator
  4. Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund ‘Fast-Start’ M1137: Did Indonesian Tectonic Uplift Change Ocean Circulation and Global Climate 3-4 Myr ago? (2010-2013), Value: $300,000, Role: Principal Investigator
  5. NZ Earthquake Commission Biennial Contestable Grant: Paleoearthquake History of the Greendale Fault, Canterbury (2012-2014), Value: $50,000, Role: Associate Investigator
  6. NZ Earthquake Commission Contestable Grant: Detailed analysis of Greendale Fault ground surface rupture displacements and geometries (2012-2013), Value: $20,000, Role: Associate Investigator